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* “monopolizing” ? *

Wow.. Yesterday was ok but last night was a pain in the ass… My step mom is officially now #1 on my hate list fallowed by my real mom…Yea…. My luck hu?... well yesterday Ann (my step mom) claims that I was “monopolizing” the phone…. What a
^%&(%ing *&%.... I mean I wouldn’t even be using that phone to begin with if my dad could find a cellular service that actually works… Cough Verizon Wireless doesn’t work even though they say they do… Another thing that really sucked was my dad is in Atlanta on a business trip and i'm stuck with rice burner…. Due to the rice burner being a total ::cough:: Dike…I had to ask Tiffany to call Jodi and let her know I wouldn’t be able to call her… for like an hour…which she did and I appreciate…. Then Jodi went online for about 20 min and I called her till I went to bed…

Now it’s time to talk about baseball… haha… this Thursday we are playing Milford Ranked #1 in class I, because we ended up being the 16th seed which is the last one in the playoffs… Come to find out… I am pitching that game ….. That means we have a chance;-)

I love you with all of my heart Jodi
You're my everything
You always will be
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