Will (zealous_dreams) wrote,

                          Drown in a Frown, Swim in a Smile


Well I haven’t posted in awhile now have I? The answer is yup yup.. It has been awhile.. We let me see.. Um last weekend I went to Jodi’s house.. That was a very excellent time.. And o yea she has the pics online. So if you wanna check those out you can but yea… you prolly have already knew that.. Well this week was decent school.. Considering school is wicked gay.. This weekend I saw Jodi on Saturday at the Mall/Movies like every other Saturday from 11-7:30.. It was a good time.. then today her and miss Rae went to my fall baseball game in Newburyport… it was great seeing them but I think the guys on the team liked it just as much as me….haha… well now there asking me to ask Jodi to bring all of her friends.. Thanks.. Gals… Next games in Gloucester ma.

 Love is the irresistible desire to be desire irresistibly....

I Truly love you Jodi you are my everything, and I miss you with all of my heart..  Kisses***** XOXOXOXO

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