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     Well I haven’t posted for a bit, but that’s ok... Lately I have just be doing school shEEat, but it's still cool.. Friday I went to the Farmington Halloween school dance as a big blow up Santa while Shane was my little bitch elf... it was so pimp… I had a good time... we partyboyd the black cop whom I asked to dance with me...haha same as Mr. Lee... it was a good time... I also slow danced with a retarded midget named Nancy hahahahaha.. and then Tom Hall tride to copy me and from then on she fallowed him around.. It was funny considering I'm like 6’1” and Nancy was like 3 feet shorter, while Tom is like 6’3”... and it was just O so funny. After I dance with the midget I danced with these two Japanese kids I think named like Ping and Pong I think... lol stupid Asians… well it was hilarious... yup I had a few good laugh acting black with Denis (a real black person)”Forshizzle homeslice” says Denis acting black when he can just act him self... lol... It was fun.. and  I think the best idea I had all night was my idea to request the night in the Roxbury song.. It was prime…

     On Saturday I had a wonderful time with my Jodi, we walked around most of the time and watch Shark Tales, which was a good one.. She is so wonderful.. It makes me smile just thinking about it.. I love my little princess.

            Then on Sunday me and Shane went Trick or Treating in our costumes.. Except I was the bitch elf this time, but I looked more like Santa’s body guard, because I decided to wear a wife beater instead of a white shirt… STACKED!! ;-) quickly someone call the Zoo, because these pythons are on the loose!!!



What a cutie... I like the mischiefy face



I truly love you Jodi with all of my heart you are my everything and I don’t know what I would do without you... I love you so much princess

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