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Well it’s been a long time since my most recent entry so I decided not to completely abandon my live journal… Then again I have been pretty busy lately and yea that’s about it… last weekend I went to a Greenway concert when about 5 other people I know went to it also that I wasn’t anticipating, yet I wasn’t able to reap all the benefits of the hotel… I had to be up at like 5... Take a shuttle to the air port... Pick up my dads car (he was in D.C all week) and drive up to practice for 7:45 Am… later that night I went down to Kingston and then to Jodi’s moms house and we had a fun time then Sunday Jodi and I went bowling….. After that Jodi and I went back to her dad’s house in Kingston then I went home around 7ish…. And that is my weekend in a nutshell….

I Truly love you Jodi Lynn Johnson you are my everything… FOREVER & ALWAYS
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