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Well I don’t really know what to start off by saying, lots have changed in the past few months and its been a long time since I have last updated.. I’m not a real big writer as we all know.. I just say what I have to and im done… straight to the point I also don’t like to built and construct well though out paragraphs.. haha what ever…. So Today I drove down to Portsmouth and spoke to coach Hoyt (A scout for the cardinals) but also my legion coach.. He had me come down just to talk about college.. What we concluded would be probably the best school and easiest for him to get me in to for accounting in Bentley.. Not a shabby school it one of the best business schools in the country.. And on account of me wanting to be a CPA I think it would work out fine.. Tomorrow I’m planning on seeing Ashley and having our 1 month lunch because tonight i'm working… up I have a Job now… Lake Winnipesaukee Golf Club… yea we just held the New England Open last week which was exhausting… Sunday I have a Fall ball game in Rockport mass. Which should be to bad but its gunna be one fucking long ride.. well alone atleast… to bad I don’t have anyone to go with but w/e.
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