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Tuffs University

Well I’ve had a long weekend….. Haha some parts were funny as hell while others were pure luck!

First my weekend started but a quite night at the golf course then from there I was supposed to meet my friends at a party…. But no my friend Shane calls me up and says he cant find Constantine, which is the person who was supposed to lead everyone from the football game to the location of the party… so I’m done with work and it’s like 10 and I go and meet Shane at the football field and then we go to where the party was supposed to be..

We were 100 feet away from the trail the part was on when I see three cars speeding down the trail… so I'm thinking that it’s a bunch of my friends drunk so I pull over on the side.. But no it was three cops who pulled us over and we talked our selves out of it saying I missed my road and i’m new to the area…. So in desperation Shane and I decide to go on a road trip to Boston for the night because I wasn’t sure of the way to Canada…. And so we did that all night and threw stuff at people from the car…..

Then Saturday night I was called off from work so Shane, Frankie, Gary, the two Bre’s and I went to the fare which was horrible.. It was like a big hillbilly reunion….. Haha if you weren’t wearing flannel then you were an outcast.. So you can imagine what happened with double popped collars… lol

On Sunday I had a baseball showcase at Tuffs University… which wasn’t to bad and the coach liked me so it was cool… My next showcase is in NJ the 7-8-9 of October
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