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Hm…. Not much happened today I just woke up early, and Shane slept over last night… Because this morning I had to go meet with the st. Louis cardinals scout and I signed up for a conditioning program out of Portsmouth in the spring… but yea that’s it for baseball

But we were up ate last night trying to decide what we are going to be for the Halloween dance last year we were Santa and Shane was the little bitch elf.. lol.. This year I think his mom is going to hook us up with doctor outfits because she’s a nurse.. lol it would be so sweet.. I’ll be Dr. Phil Good and Shane can be Dr. Seemor Bush.. Gynecologists.. Lol.. But the only thing that could make it better would be if there were nurses.. Then we could win the costume competition.. Haha

But yea I don’t really know any girls from F-Town.. That I think people would like in nurse outfits.. If you’re interested in this call Shane or Myself
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